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Powered by Jenkins and over 1000 community contributed plugins, CloudBees DEV@cloud offers continuous integration as a cloud service to help you build and deliver quality software fast.

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Missing Token...

In order for this application to function we need a token from Cloud Foundry that allows us to perform deployments on your behalf when you are not present at the computer that is performing the deployment.

Click the following link to request Cloud Foundry to provide this token to us.


Missing CloudBees Account...

In order for this application to function you need a CloudBees DEV@Cloud account. Please follow the link below to ensure your have correctly registered for a free account.

  • Online Offline
    Enabled Disabled Unknown
    Authorized Unauthorized
    You are not authorized to administer this account.
    We are preparing your Jenkins instance. This may take several minutes. Installing plugin Waking instance Activating Almost done!
    Your Jenkins instance is either offline, or not enabled for Cloud Foundry by Pivotal. Your Jenkins instance is not authorized to use your credentials for Cloud Foundry by Pivotal. This account is not subscribed to Jenkins. Congratulations! Your Jenkins instance is ready to use.  
  • «CloudBees DEV@cloud: Jenkins as a Service

    We are provisioning Jenkins for you. If you have multiple accounts with CloudBees, select those you would like to provision. This is a one time operation and may take up to 5 minutes.

    When the operation is complete, you will be prompted to continue on to Jenkins. Logging in may be required.

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